Why is it needed?

You no longer need to watch hundreds of hours of video from your CCTV camera.
Our smart camera will record all events with car passages.
Just use the search for the desired car plate number.


  • • Realtime vehicle car plate number recognition
  • • Low cost and simple to use, plug&play
  • • Search by car plate number, search in specific time periods, import to xls file along with foto archive
  • • Photo resolution - FullHD, up to 20 detections per second
  • • Control of executive devices (barrier, gate, etc.)
  • • Determining the direction of the vehicle (entry, exit)
  • • Install payment terminals
  • • Remote control via smartphone/PC over wifi/ethernet (optional 4g/GPS over VPN and static IP)
  • • Led lights day/night auto mode
  • • Aluminium housing, waterproof IP67
  • • Power consumption 20W, 12V DC
  • • Dimensions: 20cm/8.5cm/8cm